Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The New and Improved Twitter

Farhi, Paul. "The Twitter Explosion." American Journalism Review 31.3 (2009): 26-31. Academic Search Complete. Web. 6 Nov. 2012.

In Paul Farhi’s article “The Twitter Explosion”, he is discussing the use of this giant social networking phenomenon. He specifically focuses on the use of Twitter by journalists. Farhi stated, “All of which means that Twitter attracts the sort of people that media people should love- those whole are interested in, and engaged with, the news.” He explains that Twitter seems to be used more by the older generations that read to be informed about what is going on around them, rather than the teens that post unnecessary information. Therefore, he believes that Twitter is just a trend in this time period for over half of the users and eventually will die out. He gives the example that the users that just post what they are doing everyday are going to eventually get tired of Twitter, but the one’s that release important information are the ones that are going to stick around longer. Farhi believes that the purpose of Twitter for its users is still developing and they should stick around to realize, because it may eventually become more than just a social networking website.

Personally as a Twitter user I do see where I have found useful information from reading many different posts daily. The posts can consist of stories from family, friends, and even events going on around the world that are on some scale important and sometimes not important at all. Therefore, could Twitter possibly become a source for urgent news to be broadcasted too everyone like Farhi has envisioned? Farhi’s point proves that maybe Twitter is not just a waste of time to the users. Most of society that is not on Twitter believes that they have no purpose to have one, but with what Farhi believes is in store for Twitter’s future, maybe they should rethink this. Also for all the users that are already using Twitter, they should stick around to realize that they are not just wasting their time on a social network.

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